Door Ventilation Vent - White - Improve bathroom and toilet ventilation

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335mm x 185mm 

A 2 piece grill that snaps together in a door for a bedroom/(room with ducted heating).

For more information as to why you might want to provide air for ceiling fans, click here or understand ducted heating energy efficiency

In many cases Bathroom and Toilet fans cannot get ahold of enough air to move through the fan. With air coming from down low in a door, humidity and smells move quickly and efficiently outside via your ceiling fan.

At Efficiency Matrix we take air flow quite seriously, so we measured the actual flow rates within an average bathroom with a single ceiling fan. With a door vent fitted, the flow of air up and out of the ceiling fan was increased by 33%.  The substantial increase in air flow as a result of a door vent can improve air quality and thus lead to less incidence of mould and other health related issues.

Ducted heating systems can become unbalanced when the supply vent in a home is not able to get back to the return vent.  The best way to solve this problem, is to let the air get back via a door grill.